• Rental Application Form.

  • Freebies. A list of things you can get from me for free.

  • New Tenants. Contact information for utilities, etc.

  • Moving Out. How to give notice that you are leaving. Security deposit refunds.

  • Bedroom Inflation. A common problem for apartment seekers.

  • Free Tenant Loaners. A list of things you can borrow.

  • Bailment. An important legal concept that frequently gets tenants into trouble.

  • Burglars. Don't invite burglars into your home.

  • College Students and Insurance.

  • Roommate Agreements. This is something every group of college students renting an apartment together should read.

  • Carbon Monoxide.

  • Fireplace Safety.

  • Firewood Letters.

  • Garbage. Garbage collection & recycling in Berkeley & Oakland.

  • The Landlord Dictionary. How to read an apartment ad.

  • Marijuana. What every tenant should know about marijuana and the law.

  • Pit Bulls & Rottweilers. From a landlord's perspective.

  • Mold & Mildew. A common problem in the Bay Area.

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