I have a vacuum cleaner that is made for use in hotels and office buildings. It has a lot more suction than vacuums made for home use and a rotating brush in the head. If you would like to borrow it, give me a call. It's surprising how much dust this thing can suck out of a carpet that looks clean!


I have a Bissell steam mop. A steam mop is much more effective than a sponge or a regular mop for cleaning floors, especially when it comes to removing dried on and sticky stuff. Also, a steam mop not only cleans your floors; it also sanitizes them. Steam will kill virtually all the germs and bacteria on your floor. My steam mop is for use on linoleum and ceramic tile floors only. It is not for use on wood or carpeted floors.


Do you need an extra table for a banquet or a picnic? I have a folding table that measures 30" x 72" unfolded. It folds up to 30" x 36".

KILL-A-WATT Energy Monitor.

Energy vampires are electrical devices that consume electricity when they are turned off. Everyone has them. Your home is using electricity 24 hours a day, whether you are home or away. Most energy vampires use electricity to receive a signal, like from a remote controller; or they have a clock, timer, and sensor inside them that is always running. Some small electrical devices use a surprisingly large amount of electricity when they are turned off. For example, an Xbox One consumes over 100 watts of electricity an hour while it is turned off. That is because it is always in standby mode, which means that it is using electricity so it can receive a signal from a remote controller. It can cost you $50 a year to keep an Xbox One or Playstation plugged in, even if its just gathering dust and nobody ever uses it. Larger energy vampires can burn up a lot more than $50 a year. Some plasma TVs consume over $150 in electricity per year while they are turned off. Many other small appliances that you might not think of energy vampires actually do use electricity while they are turned off, including toasters, blenders, hair dryers, and electric toothbrushes.

Kill-A-Watt Monitor. If you would like to know just how much electricity your household gadgets and appliances are using while they turned off as well as on, I have a Kill-A-Watt electricity monitor that you can borrow. This monitor is very easy to use. It was designed at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. The Kill-A-Watt monitor shows you just how much every electrical device in your home costs you by the day, month, and year. You might be surprised by just how much some infrequently used electrical gadgets cost you. The Berkeley Lab estimates that between 5% and 10% of all the electricity consumed by average the U.S. home is used by energy vampires. The Department of Energy estimates that energy vampires cost American consumers $20 billion a year.


If you would like to serve chocolate fondue at your next party, I can supply you with electric fondue pots, skewers, and fondue chocolate. All you have to add is cream. The most popular things to dip in chocolate fondue are strawberries, chunks of bananas, marshmallows, and cubes of pound cake.

Chocolate fondue is very easy to make. You just put 1 pound of chocolate and 1 cup of heavy cream in an electric fondue pot and turn the thermostat on 'low'. When the chocolate is melted, you just stir it up, and you're done. This isn't a simplified recipe. This is how the pros make it.


This little shop vac is ideal for cleaning automobiles. It is lightweight and has a lot of suction.

Mark Tarses

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