by Mark Tarses

In Berkeley, the holiday commonly known as 'Thanksgiving' is considered politically incorrect and a microaggression for 3 reasons:

  • This holiday celebrates the theft of native American lands by European colonists.
  • This name of this holiday has religious implications.
  • This holiday is celebrated by eating turkeys that did not volunteer to be eaten.

    The Great Berkeley Debate:
    Is it Tofurkey Day or Unturkey Day?


    Tofurkey is an imitation turkey made from tofu. The tofu shopped like a gigantic sausage. The surface of the tofurkey is sometimes dyed to resemble the color of roast turkey, and it is normally stuffed with traditional bread or cornbread stuffing. To make your own turfurkey at home, go to: Tofurkey recipe


    Un-turkey is made from seitan (wheat gluten). The un-turkey 'skin' is made from soy milk or tofu curd. It is stuffed with bread stuffing and vegan brown gravy. Un-turkey is not intended to look like a real turkey.

    Where can you get them? All supermarkets in Berkeley carry tofurkey and/or un-turkey. However, they are not cheap. Tofurkey and un-turkey cost over $5.00 a pound. that's more than 5 times the price of real turkey.

    Which is better? In my opinion, tofurkey and un-turkey seem equally appealing.

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