• Berkeley Listings. Residential properties for rent and for sale.

  • How To Rent An Apartment In Berkeley.

  • How To Prepare For Dorm Living.

  • A Berkeley Tenant Resume. Would you rent to this person?

  • Indigenous Peoples Day. A legal holiday in Berkeley.

  • Tofurkey Day. Another Berkeley holiday.

  • Berkeley Set to Replace the Internal Combustion Auto. Bye, bye, Exxon!

  • Berkeley Bans Dog Ownership. And don't call them "pets either!

  • Indigenous Peoples Day Protesters Demand the University of California Leave North America. University declines request.

  • Berkeley Bans Space Weapons. But just the weapons in outer space over Berkeley.

  • Berkeley City Council Defends Teletubby from Anti-Gay Attack. Resolution declares "Long live Tinky Winky!"

  • Berkeley City Council Opposes China's Hosting of the 2008 Olympics. Games to go ahead anyway.

  • Berkeley to License Psychics. Only "legitimate psychics" need apply.

  • U.C. Berkeley Drops Sex-for-Credit Course.

  • Berkeley Freezes Shopping Carts. When the homeless lose or abandon stuff, it gets frozen.

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