• The Good Old Days. Are you nostalgic for the Good Old Days? read this, and you won't be.

  • On The Subject Of Canada. All your questions about our mysterious northern neighbor answered!

  • Hoax E Mails. The hoax e mails I get most often.

  • Kill My Landlord. A charming little song that is sure to please all.

  • Tulipmania.com. If you have been thinking about investing in internet stocks, read this first.

  • Hitler and Yale How Franklin Roosevelt Saved the World From Hitler --- and Yale.

  • Yiddish Movies.

  • Craigslist Rental Listing Tips For Landlords.

  • Marble Brownie Recipe

  • Bread Pudding Recipe

  • Crab Imperial Recipe

  • Crab Cake Recipe

  • Apple Crumble Recipe

  • Praline Pecan Recipe

  • Canned Whole Chicken

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