by Mark Tarses

November, 2007


It is now illegal in California to put alkaline batteries, florescent light bulbs, or consumer electronic products (like TVs, computers, telephones, microwave ovens) in your trash can. These products contain mercury and other toxic materials and are classified as toxic waste. You can now receive a substantial fine for dumping batteries or fluorescent lamps in your trash can. For a complete list of consumer products that cannott be put in your garbage can go to: Toxic Disposal.


United Airlines frequent Flier Miles. This one is one of my favorite freebies. If you have a United Airlines frequent flier number, you can get free frequent flier miles on everything you buy at Safeway. First, get a Safeway club card. The card costs nothing, and you need a club card to get the sale prices at Safeway anyway. Then go to United Airlines Grocery Miles registration page Grocery Miles and enter your Safeway club card number and your United Airlines frequent flier number. After that, you will automatically get 125 United Airlines frequent flier miles for every $250 in merchandise you buy at Safeway, Pak-N-Save (in Emeryville), or Von's supermarkets. This is a great freebie, because once you are registered, you don't have to do anything else ever again - except make sure the cashier at Safeway swipes you club card before you pay. You don't have to save or mail in your receipts. I have collected thousands of frequent flier miles from Safeway since this program began many years ago. Very few people know about this program, and Safeway doesn't advertise it.

NEW IN THE CHOCOLATE SHOP. The best free chocolate store in the East Bay!

Rice Krispie Squares in Dark Chocolate. Chewy and marshmallowy.
Almond Caramel Corn. 25% almonds and 25% butter. Butter really does taste better.
Butter Toffee Almond Truffles. Butter toffee toasted almonds covered with a mixture of milk and dark chocolate.

Mark Tarses

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