Berkeley Council Opposes China's Hosting of 2008 Olympic Games!

Games to Take Place Despite Berkeley's Opposition.

Berkeley Daily Californian April 19, 2001

The Berkeley City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night opposing China as the site for the 2008 Olympics.

The resolution passed 9-1-1 with Councilmember Linda Maio abstaining and Councilmember Polly Armstrong the sole dissenter.

The council adopted the resolution because of the alleged human rights violations carried out by the Chinese government against its own people and Tibetans, said Councilmember Dona Spring.

"I detest the Chinese government's policy of genocide and cultural destruction of the Tibetan people," Spring said. "I oppose their violations of human rights and civil rights of their own people."

Spring said the United States should never have granted China favored nation status and objects to trade with the country.

It was not a surprise that Armstrong dissented, since she typically does not vote on symbolic measures. Spring speculated that she did not want to get involved in international issues.

Armstrong could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Spring added that Maio favored the Olympics in China because she thought it would be healthy for the political climate to have the thousands of diverse athletes converge there.

China tried to win Olympic host country honors in 2000, but lost to Australia. The 2004 Olympics will be held in Athens, Greece, and 2012 is still up in the air, although the Bay Area has submitted a bid for that year's summer games.

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