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July, 2012. Nibiru. My Blog. Job Hunting Tip #3: Don't Get a Conspicuous Tattoo.

June, 2012. How I Paid For College. Nutella Lawsuit. Fire Products. Worst Application Ever: Do You Rent to Cats? Dubious Geography: Austria.

May, 2012. Renting A Haunted Apartment. How To Boil An Egg. Weird Chocolate Fillings. The Perils of Facebook.

April, 2012. Free Electronic Waste Disposal. No Cholesterol Chocolate. Pricy Chocolate. The Concrete Ship. Worst Application Ever: The House Kicker. Aseptic Packaging.

March, 2012. Cigarettes. Caffeine & Chocolate. Dubious Freebies. Hamantashen.

February, 2012. Reasons for Optimism. The Mayan Calendar. Kangaroos and Pythons in Apartments. The Best Place to See Sea Lions. CD/DVD Markers.

January, 2012. Car Alarms. Blommer Chocolate Co., Most Expensive Bank-Owned Home in U.S. Sugar in Breakfast Cereal. Red Velvet Cake. Is Miss Piggy a Communist? Did Hitler Build the Autobahn?

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