December, 2010. Why do dogs get a free bite? Storage space. Motorized ice cream cone. Marshmallow turner. EZ Cracker. Magic Jack. Worst Application Ever: 'You talk to Mr. Bringdown.'

November, 2010. Beware of Bank of America ATM card thieves. Why do people go to poison oak festivals? Manged mutual funds are a sucker bet. The Bates Motel.

October, 2010. The San Francisco Zeppelin. Strange College Courses. Fussy Garbage Collectors. The 'Ove Glove. Intimidated by Beethoven. Worst Application Ever: I Have A Large Cat.

September, 2010. Berkeley has the most expensive dorms in the U.S. Glenn Beck University. Why do people go to Disney World in the summer? Toblerone. Gigantic tunnel boring machine arrives in Berkeley. Bittersweet chocolate. Carbon monoxide detectors.

August, 2010. New smoke detectors. My trip to Moron, California. The stock market is a sucker bet #2. Cleaning stovetops. Chocolate prices. Worst candy in the world: Circus peanuts.

July, 2010. Paying rent with credit cards. Wild animal invasion. The stock market has become a sucker bet #1. Worst products for college students. Gerber Singles. Helios lab. Worst Application Ever: A Worrisome E-Mail Address.

June, 2010. Facebook security. Kitchen fire. Scharffenberger chocolate. Freedom Fries and Liberty Cabbage. German satogae in the U.S. in World War I. Worst Application Ever: 'I've Had Bad Luck With Landlords.'

May, 2010.My advice to graduating seniors: Don't wind up like my Uncle Lou. Should toilet paper go over or under the roller? Chocolate wedding gowns. Grape Nuts cereal. The War on Terror.

April, 2010. Why won't landlords accept e-mail notices? Las Vegas meltdown. Why do so many people drink ginger ale on airplanes? Why is there just as much sodium in low-sodium soup as the regulate kind? What is a bi-weekly publication? Our 9.75% sales tax. 'I need a new stove.'

March, 2010. The Sharffen Berger marijuana store. The Scharffen Berger marijuana tax. Is it a marijuana dispensary or a marijuana store? Rasta reese's peanut butter cups. Chocolate truffle class clarification. Smoke detector disposal. My favorite misspelled words: Harebrained and minuscule. Gun drps and horse hooves. The dead roommate myth.

February, 2010. The real estate construction meltdown comes to Berkeley. Competition for my free chocolate room? What is the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate? Chocolate flavor. Chocolate truffle class for tenants. Las Vegas resort fees. Worst Application Ever: 'There will be about 7 or 8 of us.'

January, 2010. Mildew season. Mildew removal. The best cocoa mix. Cocoa powder. Worst new product at the landlord convention: TwoDaLoo. Biggest real estate flop of 2009: The Pontiac Silverdome. New words of 2009. Free shipping. Worst Application Ever: 'It's like a dog.'

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