December, 2009. What Is a Hotel Suite? What Is Deep Cleaning? What Is a Convenience Charge? What Is the Right to Party? What Is Tuna Fish? What Does Going Rogue Mean?

November, 2009. The 2012 Doomsday Myth. Bayer In Berkeley. What Is Fat-Free Half & Half? Cookbook Sugar Inflation. Worst Application Ever: My Dog Looks Like a Pit Bull.

October, 2009. Cigarettes. Costco Business Center. Saving Money on Holiday Air Travel. Reasonable Accommodation. Freebies and Loaners: Vacuum Cleaner. Fondue Pots. Broiler Pans.

September, 2009. Renter's Insurance. Useless Insurance. Emperor Norton. Nancy Pelosi's Free Chocolate Room. The Dangers of Clutter. Freebie: Gardening Tools.

August, 2009. San Francisco Half Price Tickets. San Francisco Free Museum Admission. Bank of America Free Museum Admission. Big Bertha. Oofty Goofty. Marijuana in Los Angeles. Europe Travel Myth.

July, 2009. U.C. Berkeley Football Seats Selling for $225,000. Oofty Goofty. Bedroom Inflation. Praline Pecan Recipe. Brown Sugar. Worst Application Ever: Ding! Ding!

June, 2009. How to Get a High Rate of Interest on Your Savings. King George III. Free Hazardous Waste Disposal. White Chocolate. Worst Application Ever: My Name Is Mary.

May, 2009. Visiting San Francisco. When Does a Tenant's Obligation To Pay Rent Come To An End? Caller I.D. Spoofing. Chocolate and Obesity. Soft Drinks. Worst Application Ever: It Was Police Brutality.

April, 2009. Las Vegas Near Collapse. Jim Cramer and Toasters. King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Caffeine and Chocolate. Chinese Drywall. Worst Application Ever: I Have a Small Dog.

March, 2009. Petroleum Food. Chocolate News: Scharffenberger. Bay Area Chocolate Bar Makers. How to Avoid Sounding Like an American. Kaiser Wilhelm's Joke. Worst Application Ever: It's In The Stars. Raccoons.

February, 2009. Gas vs. Electric Heat. Amish Electric Fireplaces. The Pennsylvania Dutch Myth. Obama's Favorite Chocolate. Petrochemical Food. Resume Faux Pas. Worthless Majors. Worst Application Ever: Do You Rent To Cats?

January, 2009. What Is a Gourmet Kitchen? Spend Your Gift Cards. Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt. Canceling a Contract Within 3 Days. Worst Application Ever: We Want a Free Clubhouse. Conterfeit Chocolates. Free Shower Curtains.

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