2007 and 2008


December, 2008. Barack Obama and Stevenson Cigarettes. Free television disposal. The Lincoln log cabin myth. Removing carpet stains. My telephone policy. Worst Application Ever: Can I Talk To You Privately?

November, 2008. Spend those gift cards. Shopping for cheap air fares. Holiday chocolate. Toxic chocolate from China. Worst Application Ever: My Cat Weighs 80 Pounds.

October, 2008. Tarses Apartments bars Sarah Palin. Revenue sharing. German chocolate. German chocolate cake. Baker's chocolate. Worst Application Ever: What Do You Do With The Money?

September, 2008. Airline baggage fees. Berkeley's most famous landlord: Clarence Bullwinkel. Starbucks. The Krispy Kreme Challenge. Worst Application Ever: That's Discrimination!

August, 2008. The Number 1 way to save money at the supermarket. The world's worst major tourist attractions. Vacation bargain: Las Vegas. James Garfield. Worst Application Ever: Who Am I?

July, 2008. Automobile break-ins. What are Values Voters? Why do People go to Disney World in the summer? The Hummer tax break. Worst Application Ever: Snowball. Firefox 3.

June, 2008. Pilot lights. Beware of hotel mystery fees. Worst Application Ever: Do You Like String?

May, 2008. Will incandescent light bulbs soon be illegal? Beware of phony free credit reports. Worst Application Ever: Rent is Theft. Why are Oreos black? Staples.

April, 2008. Saving money on your clothes dryer. Have you ever considered opening a chocolate shop? Munchhausen. Flap meat. Worst Application Ever: The Kitchen Crier.

March, 2008. When is the rent due? Electronic rent payment. Hibachi grills. Cottage cheese ceilings. The $1,000 hot fudge sundae. What is artisan chocolate?

February, 2008. Worst chocolate ever. Berkeley Nut Co. hoodies. February holidays. Cleaning a greasy stove. Free electronic waste disposal

January, 2008. Mildew. Free firewood. Anti-communist paranoia movies.


December, 2007. Christmas issues. Holiday security. Scrubbing Bubbles.

November, 2007. Toxic Waste. United Airlines frequent flier miles.

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