October, 2006 Photos.

  • Chef Dylan in the kitchen. Believe it or not, this is actually tidier than usual.

  • Dylan loading the U-Haul. Leaving Berkeley and heading for Palo Alto.

  • Dylan and Jeff loading the U-Haul. Everything that Box owned fit into that truck with room to spare. Today, Box would need a somewhat larger truck.

  • Aaron, Dylan, Jeff, Sam. Aaron is my first cousin once removed or my second cousin. I think they mean the same thing, but that confuses people, so I just tell people that Aaron is my nephew to avoid getting into a long explanation of how we are related. We are also related 2 other ways, but that is even more difficult to explain.

  • The 4. Aaron trying to wake up with an energy drink.

  • The 4. As you can see, Aaron didn't always have gray hair on the sides.

  • The 4. Box was never a suit-and-tie kind of business.

  • The 4. Aaron is still trying to wake up. He needs a belt.

  • The 4 sideways.

  • The 4. Aaron still having a hard time opening his eyes.

  • Do Not Disturb. Aaron, Jeff, and Sam slept in this 300 square foot cottage for 10 months.

  • Dylan in the office. Dylan's desk is neater than Aaron's desk on the right. You can see Box's mailbox on the blue wall outside the window. That mailbox is still there. Look at how much stuff is plugged in the outlet under Aaron's desk.

  • Dylan in the office. Dylan always looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. Aaron didn't. It took Aaron a long time in the morning to get his eyes fully open. I don't recall how long it took him to bushy up his tail.

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