Questions and Answers

Q. Can I donate my security deposit refund to my landlord's favorite charity?

A. Yes! Just endorse your refund check as follows: "Pay to the order of the California Apartment Association", sign your name, and give the check back to your landlord. Donations to the landlord association are tax deductible!

Q. Do I have to cash my security deposit refund check?

A. No! You can also tear up your refund check, but endorsing the check and returning it to your landlord is best. He will thank you!

Q. Can I cash my security deposit refund check and spend the money on myself?

A. Yes, but that would be selfish of you. Your landlord will have more money to spend on himself if you don't cash your refund check.

Q. Can I donate my old car to my landlord?

A. Yes! And you can also donate your new car to your landlord as well.

Q. How often should I send gifts to my landlord?

A. At the very minimum, you should send a gift to your landlord before Christmas, Valentine's Day, on your landlord's birthday (if you know the date); and August 10, the birthday of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of landlords. As a rule of thumb, each of your gifts to your landlord should cost about 1 week's rent. If you donŐt know what to give your landlord, remember that most landlords will accept a basket filled with cash .

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