Trail of Candy Bars
Leads Cops to Bandit

August 12, 2004
Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE - It wasn't too tough to find the sweet tooth who made off with a box of Fifth Avenue candy bars. All police had to do to solve a burglary in the early morning hours Monday was follow the trail of candy bars. It led them to the front porch of a home in southeast Albuquerque, where they found Lawrence Jordan.

Jordan, a 20-year homeless man, faces commercial burglary charges for allegedly stealing a box of candy bars from a convenience store, according to a criminal complaint.

When officers responded to an alarm at the store, they noticed a broken window and a trail of Fifth Avenues in the direction Jordan had fled.

Witnesses saw Jordan running from the store, Fifth Avenues in hand, the complaint said.

The owner of the store said several candy bars were recovered from the street and the rest were with Jordan in the box. Jordan apparently didn't eat any of the candy.

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